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There are few things I enjoy more than talking to students about psychology, and talking to fellow teachers about the teaching of psychology. If you are interested in having me speak at your conference or other teaching related event, please click the "Learn More" button and let's talk about it!

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Doug's Books

Psychology: Foundations and Frontiers
Cengage Learning

Essentials of Psychology This introductory psychology textbook is designed to strike an ideal balance between comprehensiveness and a focus on the essentials of classic and current research. It contains substantial material on culture and human diversity, as well as updated coverage of behavioral genetics and evolutionary psychology. The book's complete learning program offers instructors, both experienced and novice, a "one-stop teaching" tool. For the new edition, the author has sought to explore the full range of psychology, free from theoretical bias; blend conceptual discussion and description of research studies; foster scientific attitudes and help students learn to think critically; present material in a clear, accessible, and readable style; and demonstrate that psychology is an integrated discipline in which each subfield is linked to other subfields by common interests and overarching research questions. He has included all the signature features of earlier Bernstein texts, such as Thinking Critically, Focus on Research, and Linkages. Extensive pedagogical support and a renewed emphasis on active learning encourage students to master concepts through interaction with the material.

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Academic Media Solutions

Abnormal Psychology book coverThis book offers an innovative and cutting-edge survey of abnormal psychology that is designed to connect with students and hold their attention. Its overall organization and pedagogical program reflect an emphasis on prevention, a focus on the developmental roots of disorders, and a table of contents that places discussion of those disorders earlier than is seen in other books. The book describes various causal models with a special emphasis on the diathesis-stress model, explores and critically analyses controversies in the field, and makes clear the connections between disorders, causal factors, treatment methods, and outcomes. Of course this second edition has been updated to reflect the changes contained in the DSM-5. A wealth of case studies, a focus on diversity, and a well-integrated system of in-text learning aids bring text material to life and reinforce critical analysis and learning. This authoritative text draws from the best of new and classic scholarship, from extensive consultation with leading researchers in the field, and from the authors' many years of teaching, research, and clinical experience.

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Essentials of Psychology
Cengage Learning

Essentials of Psychology This textbook offers many of the signature features included in the Bernstein et al. Psychology text, such as Thinking Critically, Focus on Research, and Linkages, in a concise, 14 chapter format. Extensive pedagogical support and a renewed emphasis on active learning encourage students to master concepts through interaction with the material. In addition, the text content reflects the latest research, important in the field and of high interest to students.

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Teaching Psychology: A Step by Step Guide

Teaching Psychology: A Step by Step Guide This book outlines the major problems and issues confronting psychology teachers. It presents an overview of the "nuts and bolts" of teaching psychology, including dealing with troubled and troubling students, choosing and using technology, developing evaluation instruments, and selecting methods for self-evaluation. The book offers a wide range of down-to-earth suggestions and immediately usable materials intended to help psychology teachers teach better and help students learn more.

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Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Prentice Hall

Introduction to Clinical Psychology This textbook is designed for junior/senior level courses in Clinical Psychology, and provides a thorough survey of the field that is equally accessible to students with a general interest as well as to those with professional aspirations. It presents a scholarly portrayal of the history, content, professional functions, and the future of clinical psychology.

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New Directions in Progressive Relaxation Training
Greenwood Press

New Directions in Progressive Relaxation Training This guide sets forth in detail the therapist behaviors and skills necessary for the effective application of progressive relaxation training. It is designed to provide therapists in many disciplines--including psychology, psychiatry, social work, pastoral counseling, nursing, and rehabilitation services, for example--with the tools they need to train their clients in relaxation. The guide can also be used in research on stress and stress management, psychotherapy outcome, and related topics. It is available in English, Portuguese, Dutch, and German.
Criminal Behavior
Psychology Press

Criminal Behavior This book explores crime as a developmental process from birth through early adulthood. It also examines the role that legal, political, and criminal justice systems play in the development of criminal behavior. This second edition features the latest criminal statistics available as well as the most current research on the causes and correlations of crime and violence. It is intended as a textbook for upper-level courses on criminal behavior, psychology and law, and developmental psychopathology taught in departments of psychology, criminology, criminal justice, law, and sociology and/or criminal justice training academies.

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Lifespan Development in Context
Wadsworth Cengage Learning

Lifespan Development in Context This book is organized to correspond to the organization of most lifespan development and developmental psychology textbooks, beginning with issues involving birth and infancy, continuing with childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, and concluding with issues concerning dying and death. Each chapter contains 4-6 personal narratives, and each narrative covers a different concept, issue, or topic within a given age period.
Child Development in Context
Wadsworth Cengage Learning

Child Development in Context Corresponding to the organization of most child development textbooks, each chapter of this text contains 5-6 personal narratives and each narrative covers a different concept, issue, or topic within a given age period. Students see theory and research come alive through dynamic and insightful first-person accounts about timely issues; become engaged in critical thinking about gender, multi-cultural, ethical, theoretical, and research issues; and gain exposure to complex life events and ethical dilemmas.
Psychology: Fields of Application
Wadsworth Cengage Learning

Psychology: Fields of Application This supplementary reader for introductory and applied psychology courses explores the impact of psychology on various areas of daily life, including advertising, sports, law, education, health care, and the environment. Containing chapters written by experts in applied psychology, the text covers a wide range of topics and provides comprehensive coverage of the field.

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